Credit: Chris Colfer on Twitter

It’s no secret that Glee's Chris Colfer (Kurt) doesn’t share much about his personal life. Chris has brought boyfriend Will Sherrod to a couple Hollywood events, but he has yet to tweet about him or post any pictures of the two on Instagram.

Credit: Chris Colfer on Twitter

Until this weekend, that is! On October 27, Chris posted his first-ever photo of Will on Instagram. The Glee star loves Halloween, and even makes his own creative costumes by hand each year.

This year, Chris went as “sexy R2D2” — yes, sexy R2D2; it’s unexpected and brilliant and we’re sort of obsessed — and he posted a number of photos over the weekend. One showed his costume: tight white pants, a clingy white tank covered in robot buttons, gloves, a dome hat, and R2D2 lights and gadgets around his eyes. (Sidenote: Have you noticed how muscular this man is getting? Holy smokes.) Also, we can’t stop LOLing at that R2D2 belt around his waist.

His cat, Brian, also got in on the action. At first, Chris posted a photo of the striped charmer wearing big green yoda ears. However, it appears that the Force had other plans for Brian. By Saturday, he was all dressed up in a furry Wookie costume.

Credit: Chris Colfer on Twitter

Then, on Sunday, came the kicker. Chris posted one final Halloween photo, which he titled “Two droids and a wookie. #happyhalloween.”

Will is standing right next to him in the picture, clearly dressed as a sexy C3PO. He’s wearing head-to-toe skintight gold fabric, with a pair of shiny gold stunner shades to match. Chris and his boyfriend went as R2D2 and C3PO for Halloween. It’s geeky. It’s sexy. It’s perfect. You’ll have to excuse us. Our world’s just imploded with awesome.

Also in the photo: a slightly-aggravated looking Brian-bacca, and Darth Vader the Pumpkin, complete with red light saber.

Source: Chris Colfer on Instagram

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