Credit: Instagram

Some people just understand how to select an epic costume. We're no slouches ourselves at costuming, but we're nothing compared to Glee star Chris Colfer (Kurt) and boyfriend Will Sherrod, who have seriously perfected the art of the couples costume. We bow to them. 

Chris and Will — who have now been dating for over a year — dressed up as sexy R2D2 and C3PO for Halloween 2013, which was such a flawless costume, we can't even wrap our minds around it. Translation: The Force is strong with those two. 

Now, Chris and Will have confirmed their prowess by dressing up for a circus-themed costume party — and Chris's bestie and Glee co-star Ashley Fink (Lauren) got into the spirit as well. On March 8, Ashley posted an amazing pic of herself with the two guys. "We runnin' this like a circus... @hrhchriscolfer @chillwithwill," she captions the pic. 

Like, how great is this pic? Ash appears to be dressed as the strongman — or the bearded lady? — while Chris and Will's facial expressions crack us up. We never knew Chris would look so amazing with a fake mustache — until now. Long story short: Chris and Will need to keep the couples costumes coming!

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Source: Ashley on Instagram