Watch Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead Spoof, Talking Bread — It’s Delicious! (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Watch Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead Spoof, Talking Bread — It’s Delicious! (VIDEO)

Never mind who’s going to die in The Walking Dead Season 5, let’s get to the really tough questions: If you were trapped in the zombie apocalypse with only one type of bread, which type would you pick?

*time to think it over*

Watch Chris Hardwick’s Talking Bread spoof below to find out how comedians Tig Notaro and Daly answered. Garlic bread would be good, but less ideal if there’s no marinara sauce left in the ZA. (If Carl can find pudding, you should be able to find some dipping sauce.)

Chris did a bit of a spoof of Talking Dead not too long ago on Maron, skewering the comedian on a fake version of Walking Dead’s after-show. This time, in the world of Team Coco, they recreated the show with a bread theme, complete with baguettes in the background and Chris dropping lines like, “We've got some fresh baked banter coming at you. If you're smelling toast, it's not a stroke, this is Talking Bread!” and "If you've got grain on the brain get ready to release the yeast ... in a healthy way." Ha!

So Chris and his fellow “bread-heads” geeked out over bread — asking questions like, which hand is best to use when eating bread, what’s the most sensual bread shape, and is there’s anything out there you wouldn’t put on bread? When Chris and his guests disagreed, they had to eat from the same breadstick in order to make peace. It’s not a bad way to settle differences (consider it, Middle East).

The whole thing is random, and it might make you hungry, but it’s seven minutes of bread heaven, so check it out below.

Source: Team Coco

08.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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