Chris Harrison Admits to Being ‘Sexist’ When It Comes to…
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison Admits to Being ‘Sexist’ When It Comes to…

Rosemaster Chris Harrison is the high priest of Bachelor Nation. His is the final word on any matter. No one nods with more empathy when listening to a sob story. We’d never be able to identify the Final Rose without his guidance. And when he tells the rejected to take a moment and say their goodbyes, he means it. But he’s also a little biased. And he admits it.

Chris talked to ABC News about the ongoing "dumpster fire" of Desiree Hartsock's two-part finale on The Bachelorette Season 9. During the interview, ABC’s Lesley Messer noted that Chris seemed to be on Team Des during his endless talk with Brooks Forester.

“Whether it’s right or wrong or sexist or whatever, a double standard, I get protective over the Bachelorettes. When it’s a Bachelorette, I feel like it’s like a little sister or friend and I do feel a little protective.”

Chris Harrison Admits to Being ‘Sexist’ When It Comes to…
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And it sounds like that brotherly feeling really flared up for Chris when he finally realized Brooks’ waffling wasn’t cold feet so much as a bigger “I’m just not that into you” situation. “When I knew she was going to be hurt – I don’t know if I was angry, I was just disappointed that it had gotten this far because that had never happened before. We’ve had people leave, but not where she’s literally ready to accept a proposal, and so it was devastating.”

Of course, Des’s feelings weren’t Chris’s only concern. After all, he is a producer as well as Des’s Rent-a-Bro... “On the flip side of the show, it’s like, okay, now what? We’re a week away so now what do we do, how do we finish this?” said Chris of the giant diamond-shaped hole left by Brooks’ departure.

Well, while Brooks did walk away, he could always walk back. If he does, we have to ask: Should Des take him back? If she does, we can’t help but wonder what protective big brother Chris Harrison would have to say about that. You know what they say: Dump me once, shame on you. Dump me twice? I’ll steal all your hair gel.

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