Chris Harrison: Andi Dorfman “Would Be a Fantastic Bachelorette”
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Chris Harrison: Andi Dorfman “Would Be a Fantastic Bachelorette”

Ali Fedotowsky made for a pretty stellar Bachelorette — a job she got after she walked out on Season 14 Bachelor Jake Pavelka (although she left for work reasons). Still, smart move on Ali’s part. So now that Andi Dorfman has pulled an Ali of sorts this season by bidding Juan Pablo Galavis farewell, is she an equally strong choice for Rose Hander-Outer?

Rumor has it that Andi has already been selected as the next Bachelorette and will be sworn in at the “After the Final Rose” special on March 10. But given how rocky things were between Andi and Juan Pablo, is Chris Harrison worried about how she’ll be at the helm of her own season?

Chris Harrison tells TV Guide that Andi would actually be perfect as the head honcho. “We'll see how she performs at Women Tell All and how people take to that, but I think she would be a fantastic Bachelorette,” Chris says. He adds that “she’s a catch,” given that she’s “beautiful, but incredibly smart, strong, articulate.” Sounds like Chris is a little bit smitten himself!

A quick note about production, though: “Women Tell All” was already filmed before this interview, so we don’t know what he’s saying about “we’ll see how she performs.” Wetpaint saw first-hand how well Juan Pablo performed at his own “Men Tell All” (read: terribly), and he still got cast, thanks to the magic of editing… Also, considering the new Bachelorette will be announced a week after WTA airs, he’s selling the “we’ll see” about as well as our parents used to when we begged for an extra dessert. You really think they got a week out from an announcement without a contract signed? Nope nope nope.

So although ABC has yet to confirm that Andi has been picked, Chris seems to be all but confirming that she’s the one. If you ask us, Andi would be a pretty great choice, not only for all the reasons Chris mentions, but also because we saw this week that she’s not one to shy away from drama. And what’s a good season of The Bachelorette without oodles of drama?

Do you agree with Chris that Andi would be a great Bachelorette?

Source: TV Guide