Chris Harrison: Nick Will Challenge Andi, Josh Is Her “Comfort Zone”
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Chris Harrison: Nick Will Challenge Andi, Josh Is Her “Comfort Zone”

There’s a reason that host extraordinaire Chris Harrison is known for being one of the bests in the business — guy has a poker face like none other. You’d have to to take some of things that happen on Bachelor/ette so seriously (we’re looking at you, Juan Pablo Galavis). But in a shocking turn, Chris opened up on his Entertainment Weekly blog about the final two gents in the running for Andi Dorfman’s heart, and it almost sounds like he’s chosen a side!

Let’s back up a sec. In the blog post, Host Harrison starts off his recap of the Fantasy Suites ep by bidding lovable Iowa farmer Chris Soules adieu, noting what we all did — Andi just wasn’t feelin’ it. Sorry, boo. Who she is feeling? Baseball hottie Josh Murray and divisive salesman Nick Viall. The Bachelorette has a tough decision ahead of her, and Chris points out (rightly) that “they represent different lifestyles.” Though he thinks both are “good guys,” he sort of insinuates that one might be the better choice for her.

“The way I see it from my seat is Josh is her ‘comfort zone,’” Chris begins. “Josh is her type, he’s the comfortable choice she’s fallen for many times during her life. This obviously hasn’t worked out so well in the past and that’s why she’s been so worried about this relationship and so skeptical of Josh all along. She’s worried about making the same old mistake. But the problem with the ‘comfort zone’ is it’s so darn comfortable. It just feels right even if it’s not.” Whoa, Chrissy, whatchu sayin? You think Andi’s settling for Josh?

He doesn’t dispute this belief in his next statement, which basically says the braver choice would be for Andi to opt for McSalty. “Nick, on the other hand is the unknown, the road or ‘rose’ less traveled. Nick is the kind of relationship and guy I think Andi aspires to be with. A guy she’s never really given herself a chance to fall for. Nick is a guy who will challenge her and push her in ways she’s never known before. The problem with the ‘road less traveled’ guy is at the end of the day when the pressure is on, can Andi really pull the trigger and choose this different lifestyle?”

Well, it looks like we now know where Mr. Harrison stands on this all, but will he get to see Andi “pull the trigger” as he says? We’ll have to wait and see… or you can spoil yourself and click here to find out!

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Source: Chris Harrison’s Entertainment Weekly blog