Chris Harrison: AshLee Frazier Is a Different Person On and Off Camera
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Chris Harrison: AshLee Frazier Is a Different Person On and Off Camera

One of our favorite things about Chris Harrison is his perspective — Chris has been doing the whole Bachelor hosting gig for many moons now, which means he’s kind of seen it all. Chris is a social anthropologist of sorts, having studied the behavior patterns of hundreds of men and women over more than 30 seasons of the franchise (and its various spin-offs). So when he sounds off on someone’s bitchiness personality, we sit up and take note.

Chris Harrison: AshLee Frazier Is a Different Person On and Off Camera
Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group    

In his Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris dissected AshLee Frazier and her actions on August 25’s Episode 4. In case you were in a wine stupor when the drama unfolded, AshLee whispered into Zack Kalter’s ear hole that she thinks Clare Crawley is a bit of a “cuckoo” hussy for hooking up (allegedly) with Juan Pablo Galavis during Bachelor 18. Once her mean girl moment passed, she casually mentioned she was “surprised there aren’t any cameras on us right now.” Whoops, there were!

Chris called the moment “bizarre,” writing that, “for some reason [AshLee] didn’t remember she had a microphone on and that we have cameras around on the TV show. Go figure!” He continued his assessment of the situation with, “AshLee is the only person who has different on and off camera personalities — quite a strange trait for someone who chose to come to Paradise for the taping of a television show.” For reals! That mic pack that was hooked uncomfortably into her bikini should have been the first clue her words were being recorded.

In her ITM interview, Lacy Faddoul also noted Ash’s fake TV personality, saying, “When the camera’s on her she’s completely different than what she is off-camera… and it’s about time that AshLee got caught.” Ooooh, look at sweet Lacy coming up for air to throw some shade!

It’s interesting to note that Chris says AshLee is the only person in Paradise with a personality that changes on- and off-camera, because we’re a little sad to learn that Kalon McMahon really does say those douchey things in real life, and that his “motorboating” comments weren’t just for show. Sigh.

Do you think Ash should be on TV if her personality changes when the cameras roll? Or do you think her faking her TV self is no big deal? Tell us below.

Source: Chris Harrison’s EW blog