Chris Harrison: AshLee Frazier Is Suffocating Graham Bunn
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison: AshLee Frazier Is Suffocating Graham Bunn

Pretty much every romantic comedy has a moment in which the lead asks their BFF, “How do you know when you’ve met the one?” The usual answer is, “When you know, you know.” For AshLee Frazier, the moment she knew Graham Bunn was the one was the moment she first laid eyes on his Instagram. Apparently, Ash uses all social media like Tinder...

Chris Harrison: AshLee Frazier Is Suffocating Graham Bunn
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While audiences collectively screamed for Graham to run for the hills, Chris Harrison was a bit more political in his assessment of capital L’s cling wrap. In his Entertainment Weekly blog the host writes, “AshLee and Graham have one of the more intriguing relationships.” Oh Chris, what a dear, using “intriguing” in place of “bats—t cray cray.”

Mister Three Piece Suit goes on to offer Fatal Attraction a caution: “AshLee is clearly all in, but Graham is a slow mover. Now this can work if AshLee picks up on these signals and slows her roll, but right now that’s not happening and Graham is clearly feeling a little suffocated and pressured.” A little? There Chris goes softening the blow again…

With Graham cringing at Ash infringing on his space, Chris doesn’t seem all too impressed by the couple’s long-term chances. “I said in week one when relationships start on a controversial or rocky note it’s really hard to come back from that.” Indeed, Episode 3 found Graham strolling on the beach with ex — and one of the top five hottest women on the planet — Michelle Money, complaining how uncomfortable Ash’s hooks were starting to feel.

Graham ended up giving — as Sean Lowe says — Stage 5 his rose, but how long that rose will retain its bloom remains to be seen.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly