Chris Harrison Responds to Lacy and Marcus’ Fake \'Bachelor in Paradise’ Wedding (VIDEO)
Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd Wedding
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison Responds to Lacy and Marcus’ Fake ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Wedding (VIDEO)


Remember that time Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got married on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, and then we later found out the wedding might have actually been fake? That was awkward. And now, Chris Harrison — who officiated the allegedly unofficial wedding — is speaking up about it.


In an interview with Access Hollywood, Chris explained exactly what went down, and according to him, the wedding was real, and the rumors aren’t true!


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“What a bunch of bozos. Really?” Chris joked. “Is that really a story? Actually, in all seriousness, we weren’t in Mexico. We were on a soundstage. It was the same one they did the moon landing on.”

This is why we love Chris Harrison: that sense of humor. After the jokes, Chris went on to assure us that the wedding did, in fact, really happen, and Marcus and Lacy are truly married.


“Of course it’s a real wedding,” Chris said. “They might be the first people ever to get married in Mexico, and then they’re gonna come home and get their marriage license. Of course it was a real wedding. Honestly, that report is like something [Donald] Trump would say. Really?”


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We’re not sure if Chris could possibly be more clear, but just in case you need it, Marcus and Lacy are married. And we’re pretty sure they’re going to live happily ever after.