Chris Harrison on Bachelorette Finale: Should We Stay or Should We Go?
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison on Bachelorette Finale: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

After last night’s helluva start to the Season 9 Bachelorette finale, host Chris Harrison made the ABC rounds, candidly discussing the options he and fellow show producers faced in the wake of Brooks Forester’s emotional clash with Desiree Hartsock.

“What do you want and is this salvageable?” Chris says of his sit-down with Des to discuss her options post-Brooks. “Or do we just pack up our stuff and go home? That was a very real option because at this point, what do you do?”

It’s a question the series has never faced in its ten years on air. Sure, people have left the show on their own, but a break has never come this late in the season, nor when the Bachelor(ette) is in so deep.

“We’ve had people leave, but not where she’s literally ready to accept a proposal, and so it was devastating,” Chris said. “And also on the flip side of the show, it’s like, okay, now what? We’re a week away so now what do we do, how do we finish this?”

One option: flee.

“At the end of the day, we’re left up to human behavior and this choice of free will, so if she wants to bolt and she’s done, we’re done.”

Calling it a wrap and packing up the plane would be such a let down (and an option we don’t think happens). Could Brooks possibly change his mind and pull a U-ey on the tarmac? Does Des realize she actually loves Chris and/or Drew? Tell us what you think happens below!

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