Chris Harrison Talks Frontrunners: Who Has the “Best Comeback Story”?
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison Talks Frontrunners: Who Has the “Best Comeback Story”?

Desiree Hartsock has narrowed down her pool of potential procreators to just eight men, and the frontrunners? Brooks Forester plus his tragic broken finger, Zak Waddell and his shirtlessness, and Chris Siegfried and his poetry, all of whom made major strides with Des during The Bachelorette's pit-stop in Munich.

Des' personal matchmaker, Chris Harrison, seems to think one of these dashing gents will capture her heart, especially Sexy Siegfried, who Chris says has "emerged from the pack" and "seems to be making an impact on Des."

We know Desiree was blown away by Chris's ability to pen a rhyme, but don't forget that she already has a strong connection with Brooks, whom she's been gushing over ever since their one-on-one date back in California. However, Chris worries that Brooks and Des's relationship lacks substance. "You can tell she’s really into him and he seems to be into her but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of dialogue between them at this point," Chris writes in his EW Bachelorette blog. "It’ll be interesting as things progress to see if there is more than just pure chemistry between them."

Of course there's more than chemistry between them, Harrison! There's Brooks' entire head of beautiful, luscious hair! But this guy should probably watch his back, because Desiree seems rather smitten by Zak — especially considering that they haven't even had a one-on-one yet.

"I hate to harp on this, but how far has Zak come since the first night? He might be one of the best comeback stories we’ve ever had," Chris says. "That was an incredible story he shared about climbing the mountains in Germany ten years ago to find clarity about the priesthood. Apparently, God talked to Zak and said his services weren’t needed in the church and to go forth and do some crunches."

Amen to that, Chris. Good to know that this handsome host isn't too busy designing men's blouses to find time for penning jokes.

Who do you think has the most chemistry with Desiree on The Bachelorette? Hit the comments and tell us whether Chris, Brooks or Zak is the leader of the man-pack!

Source: EW