Chris Harrison’s Bachelor Blog: Juan Pablo’s “Random Moral Line” is Confusing
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Chris Harrison’s Bachelor Blog: Juan Pablo’s “Random Moral Line” is Confusing

Juan Pablo Galavis made a strange move on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 4, and Chris Harrison definitely took notice. On the South Korea-based episode, JPG went on a 1-on-1 with Sharleen Joynt, complete with a totally awkward makeout sesh. He gave Nikki Ferrell a rose on the K-pop group date, and then proceeded to make out with her. But then? Well, then he told the rest of the girls he wasn’t going to kiss anyone. Right before he, uh, kissed someone.

So, what’s the freaking deal with the rule change? Well, Bachelor host with the most, Chris Harrison, addressed all that jazz in his Week 4 Entertainment Weekly blog. Turns out? He’s just as confused as the rest of us.

“The other puzzling thing this week is Juan Pablo’s decision to all of a sudden decide to stop kissing girls on this group date,” he writes. “He told Renee [Oteri] he was slowing down with her due to the fact that she’s a mother and he didn’t want to rush anything with her. Then he told others it was because he was a dad and he didn’t want Camila to see him kissing a bunch of girls.”

One of those girls he’s referring to is Lauren Solomon, who asked Juan Pabs for “un beso” but was rejected on the grounds that he’s trying to play it cool. When he didn’t give her a rose at the Rose Ceremony, it became obvious that his motivation was likely more “he’s just not that into you” than anything else.

But the weirdest part? Oh, that’s when he told Clare Crawley that he liked that they had kissed and then that she said they didn’t need to all the time, and shouldn’t until things had evened out with their relationship intimacy reaching the physical point… or something. And then he kissed her.

As someone who’s seen at least a thousand kisses on his show, Chris points out that this is probably not going to end well. “I definitely understand their confusion and frustration on this subject, because he seems to have changed the rules in the middle of the game. They obviously know he’s kissed several of the other women, but now there’s some random moral line he seems to have drawn.”

Ah yes, the glorious random moral line. Could it be a language barrier that is causing this issue? Nope. Chris expands on the problem further in his weekly TV Guide interview, saying “This isn't a language barrier; this is a Juan Pablo barrier.” Yikes.

What do you think is going to happen next? We have a little more info to share if you really want to know...

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