Chris Harrison: Brooks Forester Return is “Absolutely Possible”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Brooks Forester Return is “Absolutely Possible”

Our hearts shattered into a million pieces when Brooks Forester broke up with Desiree Hartsock during the first half of The Bachelorette's jaw-dropping two-part finale. Apparently this dude just wasn't in love with Des, but his emotional reaction to their breakup got us thinking... will Brooks have a change of heart and make his triumphant return during tonight's three-hour Bachelorette finale? According to the show's resident cupid, Chris Harrison, it's a definite possibility.

"It's absolutely possible for him to come back in the game," Chris said during a recent media interview. "She may be open to it or maybe she learned her lesson and he's not the guy anymore.… He has a history of not quite being able to commit."

Be still our beating hearts! Sounds like Brooks' floppy hair could very well show up in Antigua for round two — which makes total sense considering that he left the show a sobbing, hysterical mess.

"There are definitely regrets," Chris elaborated. "He was in tears and emotionally crushed once Des started professing her love. He said as much."

We're thinking that Brooks' unexpected breakup with Des had less to do with his lack of love for her and more to do with his fear of commitment. Clearly Brooks wasn't ready to marry someone he'd only known for a hot second, but here's to hoping that he realizes the error of his ways and wins back Des' affection during tonight's all new episode!

Do you think Brooks will return to Desiree's love nest? There's only one way to find out... by spending three hours of your life watching The Bachelorette's finale and live “After The Final Rose” special!

Source: ABC