Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison Confesses His Favorite Bachelor Is… (VIDEO)

If The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are a family, then obviously Chris Harrison is like the father figure of the whole crew. So, when he sat down with The Huffington Post for a little real talk, the question came up about his favorites. Picking a favorite Bachelor, Chris explains, is a lot like picking a favorite child. But at least we know that, no matter how hard it might be to say which of the 17 guys with the roses is his favorite, we can count Juan Pablo Galavis out... But that leaves a lot of fellas. So, who won the rose?

"I would probably have to go back to the seasons that changed my life. I remember Aaron Buerge's season, it was actually Season 2, but it was our first fall television show. And ABC was kind of in the dumps back then, and then we were part of the resurrection, and became the number 1 show on TV. I think at the end of the season, we had 33 million viewers."

After that, they went into Trista Rehn (now Sutter)'s Season 1 of The Bachelorette. "People forget, it was really controversial," Chris says. "There was this whole double standard" the host continues, about putting a girl on the show. But at the time in 2003, there was nothing like the show on TV, and other than Survivor, almost no reality television at all. Chris calls it "lightning in a bottle," and it's clear that everything since then was set up by the success of those seasons.

We can't imagine anything like 33 million people watching any TV show, so that really is crazy. But from everything Chris says, it sure sounds like the host of 27 seasons picked Trista as his favorite Bachelor. One prob, pal, she was the Bachelorette... Is that what you're taking away from this, too? Watch the clip, hit the comments, and tell us if we're being cray.