Did Chris Harrison Accidentally Confirm the Final Two Girls — Who Is It?
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The Bachelor

Did Chris Harrison Accidentally Confirm the Final Two Girls — Who Is It?

We’ve been hearing lots of rumors about who Juan Pablo Galavis will choose as the recipient of his final rose. And while spoilers often end up being accurate, you never know for sure whether to trust them. However, we’re pretty sure Chris Harrison can be trusted and he appears to have just revealed which ladies will be the last two standing!

Chris spoke to Reality TV World about Juan Pablo’s season and was asked whether JPG would be making a mistake if he chooses either Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley, given that they both have had major issues in trying to coexist with the women in the house. And in his response, Chris seems to have accidentally let a major spoiler slip.

“[I]t's interesting,” Chris says about Nikki and Clare’s beef. “[They might not have fought if] they got to see [the more vulnerable] side of each other, which they will when they watch the show back. They'll probably come to the After the Final Rose show and say, ‘You know what? We were probably more similar than we thought.’”

OK, we respect Chris for his “can’t we all just get along” mentality. And Clare and Nikki maybe could have been friends, had they met under different circumstances. Maybe. But probably not.

However, the part of Chris’s remark that’s most interesting is when he speculates about what will happen when the two ladies return for the “After the Final Rose” special. Why? Because traditionally, only the final two appear on that special. The exception, of course, is Brooks Forester, who agreed to come back on Desiree Hartsock’s ATFR to address that time he ruined her life in the Fantasy Suites episode.

So, unless something equally cray-cray happens with Nikki and Clare, it looks like Chris just let the cat (no, “cat” isn’t a reference to the girls’ cattiness) out of the bag. Oops!

Do you think that Clare and Nikki will be the final two? Are you surprised? Or do you think Chris simply misspoke?

Source: Reality TV World