Chris Harrison: Contestant’s Girlfriend Encounter is “Really Horrible”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Contestant’s Girlfriend Encounter is “Really Horrible”

Monday’s extended promo for The Bachelorette shows a new brunette turning up and throwing down at Bachelor Mansion. “You’re a lying, cheating, deceitful pig,” she cries to a mysterious guy during the video. Those sure sound like fightin’ words to us.

But was this just some clever editing intended to trick Bachelor Nation, or does sh*t get that real that quickly? There’s only one man we trust to serve up some real talk on what really went down: Chris Harrison.

Chris Harrison: Contestant’s Girlfriend Encounter is “Really Horrible”
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“It really happens and it’s really horrible,” the show’s host dished to TV Guide. “That’s a crazy moment, but there is so much more after that.”

You won’t get off that easy, Chris. We’ve got our own questions about this supposed GF.

First, who’s the “pig”? The promo makes it look like Ben Scott’s to blame; he’s an easy target since we already know there’s another lady in his life (baby mama to adorable Brody). Plus, Ben is currently Public Enemy #1 in the Mansion (blame it on his looks, his kid, his pushy ways). But despite all that, Ben’s not at the top of our list for the oinker in the room, but whichever contestant it is — what a jerk! Dude, did you really think your former flame wouldn’t find out? The show’s on primetime!

Second, who’s the girl? Reality Steve says the bombshell in question is one Stephanie Larimore, a single mom and Playboy’s Playmate of the month for June 2006. Pink seems to be her power color; she brings her bad news to Des wearing a Pepto Bismol blazer.

We haven’t seen this kind of Bachelorette love triangle in years! The last time that a secret lover popped up It was way back in Season 6, when Ali Fedotowsky got a helpful tip from former Bachelor Season 14 castmate Jessie Sulidis telling her about some un-right reasons. Who can forget the shock Ali felt when she learned that Justin Rego had a gal back home, or his attempted getaway while wearing a cast? Will boys never learn?

At least this time around the news comes early in the season (Week 3 instead of Ali’s Week 6) giving Des plenty of time to kick out Piggy and move on with the other men.

Want to know which guy it is? We’ll tell you...

Source: TV Guide