Chris Harrison’s Daughter Shares Her Dad’s (Hilarious, Adorable) Dating Rule
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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison’s Daughter Shares Her Dad’s (Hilarious, Adorable) Dating Rule

Warning: Handsome single dad and sweet daughter are about to get crazy cute. Don't sue us if you swoon and fall.

Chris Harrison has two kids — son Joshua and daughter Taylor, with ex-wife Gwen — but you probably won't see Miss Taylor on The Bachelor Season 30. Chris was just hanging out with his best girl on the sidewalk, when TMZ's cameras caught up to them and started talking about relationships.

Chris was asked what kind of advice he was passing down to his daughter, for when she was ready to date. Chris didn't hesitate. With his arm around Taylor, 9, he asked, "What's the rule we have on dating?" Taylor just looked up and recited, "I'm not allowed to date until you’re dead, plus three dates to make sure you're dead." Chris nodded, repeating, "Three days after I'm dead she can start dating."

How adorable is that? Gotta love the three-day detail, in case it just looked like he was dead. It would definitely make getting the father's blessing before an engagement tough, but at least Chris wouldn't have to be like so many Bachelor dads and grumble that the man in question was just not good enough for his little girl.

TMZ also asked Chris if he'd ever consider being the Bachelor himself, which he has probably been asked a thousand times since he split with Gwen in 2012. Chris said, "I've been producing and been on it so long, I think I would be terrible at it." He turned to Taylor, "She can host." Taylor shook her head. "Never!" Chris said, laughing.

That “never” was for Taylor hosting, but maybe ABC could twist Chris's arm on being the Bachelor. Or maybe they’ll want to take a break from single dads for a while. Look what happened with both Jason Mesnick and Juan Pablo Galavis!

What do you think of The Rosemaster's dating rule for his daughter? And would you like to see him as The Bachelor, or would that be a bad idea?

Source: TMZ