Chris Harrison Defends James Case: “It’s Guy Talk!”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison Defends James Case: “It’s Guy Talk!”

Did anyone else feel slightly sorry for James Case during this week's dramatic episode of The Bachelorette? This poor soul endured the wrath of seven horny hotties when he was caught chatting about his dream of becoming The Bachelor, and we just wanted to hug him. The tears, guys. They were leaking out of his eyes like glitter bombs, and it was the most tragic thing we've ever seen.

Call us crazy, but we think James was treated unfairly by his homeboys, and it looks like Bachelorette host Chris Harrison is right there with us.

"The more I look at it the more I think, 'OK, did he say some of these things?' Probably," Chris tells TV Guide. "Would he have said it to Des? No. And he said it to Mikey, who was already checked out, bro-ing up and talking big, and I could see James either being serious or just trying to pacify Mikey, like, 'Yeah, yeah, maybe I'll be The Bachelor.' It's guy talk."

Of course, Chris' real beef is with James' fellow contestants –– why didn't they hit James up for an explanation before telling Desiree what he said? "I think the guys should've gone to James first and said, 'Hey buddy, why did you say these things? We're a little offended,' Chris says. "And if James had been more understanding, he could've said, 'I was just talking crap with Mikey, not a big deal, I like Des a lot and I apologize.' Then it would've been a moot point."

Some members of Bachelor Nation seem to think that James' tearful apology to Des was 100 percent staged, but Chris claims he's not "that good of an actor." Either way, this poor hunk was sent home by Desiree, which Chris ultimately thinks was the right decision. "James just had to go," Chris says while we bask in his glorious wisdom. "Whether he was sabotaged or not, it just wasn't going to work."

Real talk, Chris. And way to have James' back! Someone has to defend this dude and his sweaty pectorals.

Source: TV Guide