Chris Harrison on Desiree Hartsock Marrying Fiancé: “The Odds Are No”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison on Desiree Hartsock Marrying Fiancé: “The Odds Are No”

After all the drama and heartbreak that followed Desiree Hartsock around on The Bachelorette Season 9, we were shocked when she got engaged to Chris Siegfried on the August 5 Finale. But we weren’t the only ones. Host Chris Harrison watched the whole thing happen, with Des putting out the Forester fire and jumping right into a proposal.

But now that the season is over, and we all have time to reflect, the big question on our minds is: Will Des and Chris make it down the aisle? The romantics in us (GET OUT, WEIRDOS) say of course, while Chris Harrison isn’t so sure.

In an info dump with E! the day after the big finale, Chris said what’s on most of our minds when asked about whether he thinks the newest Bachelor Nation twosome will traipse down the aisle and give a poetry reading get married. “I mean, let's be honest. What are the odds? Most relationships don't make it down the aisle. They just don't,” the super vet real talk o’clocked.

But that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s out of the question, mind you. It’s not like there haven’t been some successes thanks to the show. “We've been on a good run lately with Ashley and J.P. and I'm fully convinced Sean and Catherine are going to get married soon. But married? I don't know.”

Yikes, ya hear that Des and Chris (ugh why don’t these two have a good portmanteau nicker?), even Harrison doesn’t know what’s going to happen. But cynics be damned, the Host with the Most says, because the beautiful couple apparently has some legit chemistry in real life.

“The odds are no, but you never know. These past few weeks they have been phenomenal off-camera, I've seen them. And what happened on the show has really only made them stronger. The fact that she's willing to leave Hollywood and chase him up to Seattle tells a lot. That is very telling.”

As Des confirmed on the “After the Final Rose,” she and Chris are moving in together in Seattle stat. Will things work out? We don’t know, but it looks like they’re going to continue to accelerate their relationship by living together the first moment they can.

Source: E! Online