Chris Harrison Disappointed the Girls Didn’t Ask Juan Pablo Harder Questions?
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Disappointed the Girls Didn’t Ask Juan Pablo Harder Questions?

Given how angry the ladies seemed toward Juan Pablo Galavis at Monday’s “Women Tell All” special, the guy kinda seemed to get off scot-free during the Q&A portion of the show. Indeed, Chris Harrison was surprised that the ladies didn’t ask him tougher questions.

Chris writes in his Entertainment Weekly blog that the ladies brought up stronger points before Juan Pablo took the hot seat than they did when he was actually onstage. “The women were pretty clear with their thoughts before Juan Pablo came out onstage, but when he was there, it was odd how they focused on less relevant things, like calling Cassandra and Renee his special ones.”

Indeed, referring to a single mom as “special” hardly seems to be El Bachelor’s most egregious offense from the season. And the only real time when Juan Pablo seemed flustered by a question is when he said he would rather talk off-camera to Kelly Travis about his anti-gay remarks.

Ultimately, this makes us wish that the episode had devoted more time to letting the ladies grill Juan Pablo given how many ladies were trying to get in their two cents and less time to the ladies just chatting with Chris. Then again, we’re not sure that JPG would have had much of an answer for those hard-hitting questions either.

Were you disappointed with the questions that the ladies asked Juan Pablo?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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