Chris Harrison Doesn’t Think Nick Viall Is Rude: “He’s Just Open and Honest”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison Doesn’t Think Nick Viall Is Rude: “He’s Just Open and Honest”

Hate the game, not the player. That’s the tune Chris Harrison is singing this week about Nick Viall, the guy Andi Dorfman loves to love on while the rest of her men not-so-silently seethe in their man caves. Nick keeps bringing his #frontrunner A-game, and the guys keep crying foul. In Episode 5, Cody Sattler called him cocky, and in Episode 6, the fellas cornered him for being the first to grab Andi during cocktails. What does Chris Harrison think of the salesman’s closing tactics?

In his Entertainment Weekly blog, the host with the most says Nick’s his boy. He doesn’t really, but he doesn’t diss the guy either, which is what we’ve come to expect when we hear McSalty mentioned. Chris does write that the sitch with Nick isn’t anything new, and that it’s one that comes with the territory of competitive dating. “At what point are you just being bold, strong, and looking for love and at what point are you being rude or disrespectful?”

Chris goes on to write that the tactic seems to be working for the Nickster. “If he’d denied it or acted like he was being bullied, it would have been a disaster for him, but instead he’s open and honest and flat out told Andi exactly how he feels. As you saw, Andi loved it and it only got deeper and better from her perspective at the rose ceremony.”

He’s got a point. Andi’s response to Nick’s maneuvering was “you like it, you want it, come and get it. That’s a man,” which roughly translates to purrrrr. So maybe the guys should be doing less griping and take a play from Nick’s book. For Andi, mashing your tongue down her throat = man. Noted.

What do you think of Nick? Just doing what he needs to do for love, or unfair maneuvering?

Source: Chris on Entertainment Weekly