Chris Harrison: Drew Kenney Is “Someone To Watch”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Drew Kenney Is “Someone To Watch”

Drew Kenney: lover of track suits, professional wearer of crewneck sweaters, and part-time narc. This Bachelorette contestant finally stepped into the spotlight during his 1-on1 date with Desiree Hartsock in Barcelona, and the verdict according to Chris Harrison? Drew knows how to play the game.

Sure, he’s is a quiet guy who clearly belongs to House Hufflepuff, but Drew’s inner romantic is itching to break free, and this week it broke free inside Desiree's mouth. Did you see the way he macked on Des in that terrifying back alley? Dude was like a famished Dementor sucking out her soul. And yes, we realize that is our second Harry Potter reference in one paragraph. You're welcome.

Chris Harrison seems to think Drew's uber-romantic behavior has majorly upped his game — and even took it to his Entertainment Weekly blog to tell fans to watch Drewski over the next few weeks.

"At dinner, Drew really seemed to step out of his comfort zone when he attempted to steal Des away to a private place so he could deliver what Des described as a very passionate kiss," Chris muses. "It’s a little hard to steal Des away when we have all our cameras there working, but the sentiment is what’s important. Drew obviously got the rose and is definitely someone to be watched as we continue."

Oh, we'll be watching, Chris. There's no way we'll be able to tear our eyes away from Drew, because his perfectly side-parted hair blinds us on a weekly basis.

Do you think Drew has what it takes to win Des' hand in marriage? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly