Chris Harrison On Dylan Petitt: His Emotional Convo Was Key
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison On Dylan Petitt: His Emotional Convo Was Key

The Bachelorette Episode 4 was a rough one, thanks in part to Dylan Petitt sharing his beyond tragic family history with Andi Dorfman. Their 1-on-1 on a steam train quickly turned into a sad train, with Andi even crying into her uneaten dinner. The hawt Bostonian did end up with a rose, but with no kiss shared between them, it’s hard to tell if Andi gave him the rose out of lust or sympathy (it’s a slippery slope folks). So what does Chris Harrison have to say about Andi’s feelings (or lack thereof) for the dreamboat that is Dylan?

In an interview with TV Guide, the all knowing Oz said, “they shared such an intense moment. I think she likes him.” Um, more please, cuz, ya know there are a lot of things we like — a fun salad, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, and spa days — but we’re not gonna make out with them (maybe the salad). We need to know Andi’s level of like-age for the Dyls: does she like him like her Skechers or does she love him like he’s her Prada backpack? It’s a very important distinction.

Chris has nothing else to say on the matter, other than that Dylan’s soul-baring convo with Andi helped get him a rose. “A lot had to do with how much he opened up,” says the cagey one. Along with stahp and y’all, “open up” has become a favorite Andi catch phrase. She likes her men to be vulnerable, y’all.

Well, we’re glad the heartstopper (Peeta’s even cuter doppelganger, anyone?) did bust open his feel space, because that means we get to look at his beautiful, beautiful, beautiful face at least one more week. In fact, we hope Episode 5 is just one long montage of his sexy self. But smiling, please, or at least taking it down a notch on the broods and hair product (we see you, Dylan).

What did you think of Dylan getting the rose? Is Andi really into him, or did she hand it over outta sympathy?

Source: TV Guide