Chris Harrison: My Ex-Wife Would Be an “Amazing” Bachelorette!
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: My Ex-Wife Would Be an “Amazing” Bachelorette!

It’s perfectly normal for a divorced couple to want the best for each other. But you know what’s not perfectly normal? Wanting to watch your ex hook up on national TV with a bunch of other people — whom you chose for them. However, that’s apparently Chris Harrison’s dream for his ex-wife, as he lobbies for her to be the Bachelorette.

Chris who split from wife Gwen in May 2012 after 19 years of marriage tells the New York Times that he would love for Gwen to hand out her own stacks of roses. “That would be amazing,” Chris says about his ex potentially getting it on with 25 hunks. “She’s beautiful. I think she would love that. I would not only host that, I’d produce it.” Uh, we’re a little bit frightened.

Okay, so we’ve gotten used to taking what Chris says with a grain of salt, which happens after you hear the guy use the words “most dramatic” and “ever” about 6,000 times. However, does he really want his wife to be the Bachelorette? And he wants to choose the guys that she would theoretically be heading to the Fantasy Suites with eventually? Sure, that’s not weird at all.

Granted, we can’t imagine this happening. The show’s producers like to choose one of the also-rans from the previous season, as they have done by choosing a Bachelor gal to be Bachelorette every season, including Andi Dorfman, who’s the heavy favorite to be the next lucky gal. But can you imagine how weird it would be to see Chris sit down with Gwen on camera and ask her for her feelings on all the various guys? Ick. Or, to paraphrase Juan Pablo Galavis, that would not be OK.

Do you think it’s weird that Chris wants his wife to be the Bachelorette? Or is it sweet?

Source: New York Times