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Chris Harrison: Bachelorette 2013 Finale Will Leave Nobody “Unscathed”

Chris Harrison: Bachelorette 2013 Finale Will Leave Nobody “Unscathed”
Credit: Chris Harrison on Instagram    

Have you checked out the promo for next week's jaw-dropping two-part Bachelorette finale? Of course you have, but in case you need a refresher it basically goes like this "La, la, la, Desiree Hartsock's in love with everyone and it's wonderful — oh, no, wait, she's weeping uncontrollably."

Who knows what goes down in Antigua to make Desiree fly into crisis (other than the humidity destroying Brooks Forester’s hair), but Bachelorette host Chris Harrison says the finale will be unlike anything we've ever seen.

"All I can tell you at this point is nobody will come out of this unscathed," Chris writes on his Entertainment Weekly blog. "It’s hard to believe that after eleven years we still run into situations we’ve never seen before, but that’s the case here."

Ok, first of all, Chris' tone is even more ominous than usual. What does he mean nobody will come out of the finale "unscathed?” Is Desiree breaking even more pinkie fingers? Run and hide, Brooks. Run and hide.

"Des and the other guys will be tested emotionally like never before," Chris continues. "So, next Monday night will be the first part of this special finale. Then, Monday August 5th, join me for a live three-hour television event that you won’t want to miss. Let the speculation begin!"

Each and every one of The Bachelorette's season finales has been an emotional rollercoaster, so we can't even begin to imagine what might set Desiree's season apart from the rest. Does one of her men reject her in the final hour? Will she turn down all three of her suitors? Will she accept someone's hand in marriage only to change her mind? Feel free to speculate yourself silly in the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly