Chris Harrison Hints Bachelor Fans Will be Divided After Vietnam
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Hints Bachelor Fans Will be Divided After Vietnam

Well, we’re getting to the part of Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor where a clear villain usually starts to emerge. During Sean Lowe’s season it was Tierra LiCausi. Before her, the woefully misunderstood Courtney Robertson bore the brunt of the ire amongst all the ladies. However, the host with the most roses, Chris Harrison, hints that things might not be so clear-cut this time around.

“Who’s [sic] side will you take Mon night when the drama hits the fan? #TheBachelor,” Chris hashtags coyly. Sounds to us like there’s a storm a-brewin’ betwixt two of Juan Pablo’s girls (or perhaps two factions of girls) as the competition grows more intense.

So who is at odds with whom? Well, your guess is as good as ours, but judging from last week’s promo, we’ve got a short list of potentials. Clare Crawley appears to attempt to sneak in some extra time with Juan Pablo, and it doesn’t seem to end well. Clare also seems to be the girl who gets Juan to break his arbitrary (and inconsistently enforced) no-kissing rule during a group date boat ride.

There was also some shade thrown at Nikki Ferrell last week for breaking the pact to let those who didn’t get 1-on-1 dates get the bulk of Juan’s time during the cocktail party. While she’s one of our favorites so far, she might be gaining some enemies amongst the other girls.

Or, hey, maybe the sides we’ll have to choose from are Juan Pablo vs. the girls. The guy has been super inconsistent with his rules and may be the most guilty of generating drama, if you ask us.

Who do you think will be at the center of the stand-off?

Source: Chris Harrison on Twitter