Chris Harrison Hints Hometown Dates May Be Derailed by Family Disapproval!
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Hints Hometown Dates May Be Derailed by Family Disapproval!

The ladies on The Bachelor this season have thus far all been big Juan Pablo Galavis fans — with one glaring exception, of course (we’ll give you a hint — Juan Pablo found her to be a talented user of words). However, it appears that the ladies’ families may not share in their enthusiasm during next week’s hometown dates.

Season 18 Episode 8 will feature the always-unpredictable Hometown Dates, with Juan Pablo bouncing around the country to shake hands and get blessings. And while most seasons’ Hometowns include a bit of trepidation from the parents, Chris Harrison reveals in his Entertainment Weekly blog that this year’s will result an unusually high level of furrowed brows.

“Next week are the pivotal hometown dates, and these hometowns are unlike any we’ve had before,” Chris writes. “If you’re expecting easy, happy-go-lucky hometowns where everybody smiles and gives the bachelor their blessing, you’re in for a big surprise.”

We must say, we wouldn’t have expected this. Granted, Juan Pablo hasn’t exactly seemed to be the most marriage-minded guy on the planet this season, but he is quite a charmer. Translation: we would assume that the ladies’ families would swoon for him immediately, just as most of America did.

But from what we know, one lady’s fam in particular doesn’t seem to be buying what El Bachelor is selling. “[S]ome of these parents are not as excited as the girls are,” Chris adds in his TV Guide blog. “Clare's family, people will see, are a little skeptical and aren't as apt to just give their blessing. They want to see more and don't have that much time with him.”

Given how enamored Clare Crawley has been with Juan Pablo right out of the gate, and that she’s definitely going to talk him up to her loved ones, it’s intriguing that her family doesn’t get what she sees in him. Could Juan Pablo have his very own Nate Hartsock situation to deal with? Uh-oh.

Are you surprised that Clare’s family is skeptical of Juan Pablo? Or do you think their feelings are totally valid?

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