Chris Harrison Insists Chris Bukowski’s Bachelorette Crashing Wasn’t Staged
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Chris Harrison Insists Chris Bukowski’s Bachelorette Crashing Wasn’t Staged

And the winner of best party crash of the year goes to... The Bachelorette Season 8’s Chris Bukowski. The blue-eyed smolderer showed up at Bachelor Mansion Monday night hoping to get a room and a shot at Andi Dorfman’s heart. And while we’d all like to believe Chris was motivated by a true and moving desire to meet, wed, and have babies with Andi, we’re a bit more jaded than that. But Chris Harrison swears the surprise appearance wasn’t staged.

In multiple interviews, the host has claimed he was just as surprised as anyone when the Bachelor Nation fan favorite showed up with a bouquet of roses. “I know some will think that we were in on it, but we really weren’t. It was a grand gesture by him to show up like that and I hated being the one to look him in the eye and tell him it wasn’t going to happen,” Chris blogged on Entertainment Weekly.

To TV Guide Chris H. reported, “If we had produced this it would've looked a lot better. We had a security guard there cracking jokes!” A security guard with a shiny new uniform that looks like it came from the prop store. Told ya we’re jaded!

It’s romantic to think Chris B. was so taken with this season’s much-hyped Bachelorette that he flew himself to L.A. from his home in Virginia and sat in a hotel room for 7 days just stalking the mansion for signs of roses. But we’re betting Mr. Dreamboat — who does pretty well with the lady types, btw — has a life. He does own and operate a successful bar, after all, which tends to keep a brotha too busy to go on an unrequited love quest.

We’re also pretty skeptical to think that the guy who’s been on two Bachelor-related shows, and is rumored to be on a third, doesn’t have a producer’s number on speed dial. Wouldn’t our boy just call and get Andi’s digits rather than embarrassing himself on national TV? That’s what Emily Maynard suggested of her once-fourth favorite boyfriend.

According to the man himself, Chris B. did reach out to producers to try and get on Andi’s season but was denied keys to the mansion due to casting already being closed. The would-be future Mr. Dorfman revealed that ABC’s solution was what we all saw on Monday, a rose-bearing Chris getting turned away by security.

Looks like it’s a case of he-said, he-said. Which Chris do you believe?

Do you think Chris B’s appearance on Andi’s show was real or fake? Let us know!

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide