Chris Harrison: It’s “Amazing” Nick Peterson Has Gotten This Far on Bachelor Pad 3
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Chris Harrison: It’s “Amazing” Nick Peterson Has Gotten This Far on Bachelor Pad 3

Nick Peterson was almost the death of his own Bachelor Pad party. The official ghost of Season 3 finally showed up on camera last night, since he’s now paired with The Widow Rachel Truehart. They don’t seem to like each other that much, but too bad. No choice!

Nick has been staying far out of the drama — except for randomly kissing “Super Fan” Donna Zitelli that one time — but The Bachelorette 7 alum kind of over-stepped into the game on Episode 6 by aggressively pushing Tony Pieper to keep him safe.

“He doesn't say a word and then when he does, he hangs himself,” Chris Harrison tells TV Guide. “I was like, ‘Stop talking; you're safe!’ The thing about Nick is he's been the odd man out. No one has given him the time of day. He's not part of the cool kids' club, and he's been this floater yet he sailed up. He's still here, he hasn't won a competition, hasn't had a legitimate partner and he hasn't had an alliance. It's amazing.”

And it’s working. Next week’s Episode 7 has two challenges. Chris tells TV Guide it’s “an amazing episode” with a trivia challenge to narrow the field and then a karaoke contest to Sister Christian. Chris also teases in his Entertainment Weekly blog, “The twists and turns aren’t over yet, and the battle between Chris and Blakeley isn’t either.”

So expect more drama, twists, turns, trivia, karaoke, and whatever Nick can do to scrape by this time!

Source: TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly

08.29.2012 / 05:56 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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