Bachelorette 2014: Chris Harrison Picks 5 Guys to Watch From Season 10!
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Bachelorette 2014: Chris Harrison Picks 5 Guys to Watch From Season 10!

Chris Harrison has seen dozens and dozens of dudes walk through the Bachelor Mansion doors. So, when he says that someone is money, it’s best to keep your eye on him. The Bachelorette host is about to launch into Season 10, with Andi Dorfman in charge. And while the Atlanta girl may have the last word on which guy she picks, the host of 28 seasons isn’t shy about giving his opinion.

Speaking with USA Today, Chris talks up six guys he thinks are great. One is the recently, tragically deceased adventurer Eric Hill, to whom the season is dedicated. Chris says that the 31-year-old was a big presence in the season.

The other five guys Chris has his eye on are some of our favorites, too. Andrew Poole (top right) is a 30-year-old from the Los Angeles area. Of him, Chris says, “he loves living life fast” and is a big car enthusiast. His only hang-up may be that he can’t slow down enough to live in the moment.

Also among the pack is Chris Soules (bottom right), a millionaire farmer from Iowa. “I think people are going to very much fall in love with this guy,” C.Harr says of the other Chris. (Will there be two Chris S. winners in a row?) “He really wants to find a wife and live the American dream,” the host says of the fourth-generation land baron.

On our radar from day 1 is Marquel Martin (bottom left), a 26-year-old Las Vegas babe who works as a sponsorship salesman for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Chris seems particularly taken with him, sounding off: “He’s this tall, dark handsome guy. He comes off as the tough guy but he is a charmer and definitely becomes a house favorite.” A cookie connoisseur, he shows up on the first night with a big box of ‘em for Andi. How sweet!

Dylan Petitt (center) is another frontrunner in Chris’s mind. The “great-looking” Boston guy has an “easy-going demeanor” and “appears to have it all.” But like a good Bachelorette guy, he has “some big painful secrets from his past” that he must overcome to move on. Helllllooooo first night package!

Last, and definitely number one in our brackets, is Josh Murray, the 29-year-old Georgia boy who was drafted in the 2002 Major League Baseball drafts — he played for the Milwaukee Brewers minor league organization for a while before heading to college. “Is he coming all around the world only to realize what he was looking for was 10 minutes down the road?” Chris asks. Well, have you driven in Atlanta, Chris? It’s terrifying.

What do you think of Chris’s picks for the guys to watch on Andi’s season? Hit the comments to talk up your favorites!

Source: USA Today

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