Chris Harrison on Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis: “We Made a Mistake…”
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Chris Harrison on Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis: “We Made a Mistake…”

Joy to the freaking world Juan Pablo Galavis has come to save us from our The Bachelor slump. Sure, Sean Lowe is gorgeous and all, but he’s just a little too obvious in his ‘Merican beauty. Which is why the Venezuela-raised, Miami-dwelling former soccer stud JPG is such a welcome change. But although we’re 100% (to borrow every single person on the Season 9 Finale’s measurement reference) sold on him, Chris Harrison had something to say about their reveal.

On the Season 9 After the Final Rose, we cringed and turned our heads and drank a lot when Desiree Hartsock saw Brooks Forester for the first time, and their conversation was just as awkward as if they had traveled back to that dock (which we sort of want to either burn down in effigy or cast in gold). But like a perfect apple-mint sorbet, Juan Pablo cleansed the bejeeze out of our palates when he was announced as The Bachelor 2014.

So, what could Chris Harrison possibly say was no bueno about what they did? Um, basically, he just wishes that we all could have seen the physical incarnation of all of our feels at the moment the Latin hunk was announced. You know, the screaming masses.

Juan Pablo may have been the easiest decision we've ever had,” Chris said of choosing the fan favorite who was eliminated back in Barcelona. “We've never had anyone leave so early and be such an overwhelming choice.” Duh, Chris, duh. Just ask anyone who can hear or see or imagine, and you would’ve known that you were making a great choice.

And in case you doubt the magnitude of the response, in case you didn’t have the volume turned up, or your internal voice was screaming too loud for you to hear, Chris has a little comparison for what it was like when Señor Caliente appeared. “When you see the reaction when he walks in a room, it's silly. No one else gets that reaction. You should have seen the response last night at the live taping. It was insane. I can only equate it to how people reacted to The Beatles,” Wow. Big words. The one problem? “We made a mistake not showing the audience during the reveal.”

We can imagine...

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