Chris Harrison Thinks Juan Pablo Galavis Is a Letdown for Bachelor Fans?
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Thinks Juan Pablo Galavis Is a Letdown for Bachelor Fans?

Confession time, people: The format of The Bachelor is so compelling that we’d enjoy watching it no matter who was the star — which is proven by the fact that we still watched Jake Pavelka’s season (snap!). That said, viewers have been debating whether Juan Pablo Galavis was really as great of a Bachelor as everyone thought he would be — and Chris Harrison is listening to your complaints.

Truth be told, this season has been a pretty stellar one thus far, between ladies leaving voluntarily, and the inappropriate ocean time, and people calling each other “f—king crazy.” But Chris tells E! Online that Juan Pabs was so unusually popular among viewers going into the start of the season that it would have been impossible for him to live up to everyone’s lofty expectations.

“I don't think you can live up to [the kind of hype he had]," Chris says. "We've had some popular choices… there was Sean [Lowe], but I don't know, there was just this fever for Juan Pablo. It really was this bizarre groundswell of support and love, so I don't know if you could ever do anything but fall a little bit short of that.”

It’s interesting that Chris feels JPG isn’t quite the Bachelor everyone thought he’d be, perhaps due to him not being quite open to finding love. Maybe this is why the Bachelor/ette is usually someone who makes it pretty far into the previous season, giving the audience a lot of time to get to know them. In contrast, Juan Pablo hadn’t had much screentime with Desiree Hartsock, considering he didn’t get any 1-on-1s and was eliminated in Episode 6, so all we really knew about him was that he’s, y’know, ridiculously good-looking.

Also backing up Chris’s point is the fact that the ratings for JPG’s season started out on fire, and now, well… the fire’s out. His season premiere was the most-watched premiere in three years but this week’s episode tied for the lowest-rated one in series history, and held its own as the lowest rated at this point in the season. Yes, it was up against the Olympics, but still, a lot of folks seem to be over the guy.

The big question now is: Would someone else from Des’s season been a better choice for the job? Drew Kenney and Zak Wadell certainly had their supporters, and Brooks Forester had seemed like the perfect candidate until he bailed on Des. But hey, maybe Juan Pablo will surprise us all by falling head-over-heels for someone in the next few episodes. Here’s hoping.

Do you think Juan Pablo has been a letdown as a Bachelor? And would you have chosen someone else from Des’s rejectee list?

Source: E! Online