Chris Harrison: It’s Juan Pablo’s Fault the Girls Don’t Say “I Love You”
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Chris Harrison: It’s Juan Pablo’s Fault the Girls Don’t Say “I Love You”

The Hometown Dates episode is usually the time when at least someone says those three little words to the Bachelor/ette. Indeed, that was when adorable Drew Kenney told Desiree Hartsock that he was in love with her on last season’s Bachelorette. So why is it that Juan Pablo Galavis didn’t hear a single L-word revelation during the February 24 episode?

Several of JPG’s ladies appeared to be on the cusp of confessing their love to him after their Hometown Date last night, particularly Renee Oteri and Nikki Ferrell but no one pulled the trigger (gun pun!). And in an interview with TV Guide, Chris Harrison suggests that Juan Pablo is to blame for no one taking the leap.

Chris points out that he can’t think of another season of the show that has gotten this far along without somebody playing the love card. And while Chris acknowledges that the Bachelor isn’t allowed to reciprocate with his own proclamation of love, he says Juan Pablo “doesn’t make it easy” for the ladies to put themselves out there.

“Obviously, he hasn't garnered any of the women to say it, so maybe he hasn't made them feel comfortable enough,” Chris says. He adds that Juan Pablo should be doing a better job of showing the ladies that he’s “wanting to hear [‘I love you’] and making the women in many other ways feel loved.” Apparently, constantly wanting to make out with them isn’t enough, in Chris’s eyes. Go figure.

This is an interesting assessment of why Juan Pablo’s relationships don’t seem to be quite evolving in the way that previous Bachelors’ have. It also relates to Chris’s view last week that Juan Pablo doesn’t even seem to want to fall in love on the show. So it’s understandable that the ladies might be picking up on his cues.

Is Juan Pablo’s behavior preventing the women from saying “I love you”?

Source: TV Guide