Chris Harrison on Juan Pablo’s Mistakes: He “Made His Own Bed”
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Chris Harrison on Juan Pablo’s Mistakes: He “Made His Own Bed”

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison remained fairly neutral as the ladies slammed Juan Pablo Galavis on Monday’s “Women Tell All,” and he even seemed to be helping the women to see things from JPG’s side at times. However, Chris now reveals that he feels Juan Pablo got what was coming to him from the panel of ladies.

In an interview with TV Guide, Chris is asked whether he felt badly for Juan Pabs when almost all the women aired their grievances about him. “No, I didn't feel bad for him at all,” Chris says. “He's a big boy and has made his own bed. Juan Pablo can be his own worst enemy.” Chris adds that Juan Pablo made things worse by getting “really defensive and short” when he’s confronted.

So, if Juan Pablo was looking for a little sympathy from Chris, he’s apparently out of luck. By calling him “his own worst enemy,” it’s clear that Chris thinks Juan Pablo hasn’t always done the right thing. Juan Pablo may not have any regrets from the season, but apparently Chris thinks he probably should as does Sean Lowe.

This isn’t the first time Chris has shed light on his apparent belief that Juan Pablo might not have been the best Bachelor ever. Last month, Chris say that Juan Pablo had fallen “a little bit short” of what audiences might have been expecting from him. And by “a little bit short,” we’re hoping that’s not another euphemism, like all that “little package” talk on WTA.

Is Chris right to not feel sorry for Juan Pablo?

Source: TV Guide