Chris Harrison: Juan Pablo Galavis Is Out of Touch With Reality
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Juan Pablo Galavis Is Out of Touch With Reality

On Tuesday's Fantasy Suites, Andi Dorfman learned that it isn’t always easy to get Juan Pablo Galavis to see things from someone else’s perspective. El Bachelor seemed much happier to just send the Atlanta attorney on her merry way than hear why things didn’t work out for them. So, why wasn’t she able to get through to him during their talk?

Chris Harrison tells TV Guide that Andi was truly bothered by the fact that JPG didn’t want to know what he could have done differently on their Fantasy Suite date. “I definitely don't think she overreacted,” Chris says. “The more they talked, the angrier she got because you really can't permeate his reality of what he sees and understands. That really frustrated her.”

Well said, Chris! Clearly, Juan Pablo decided immediately that he and Ando just had a difference of opinion of what their relationship should be all about, and so he was ready to move on. Then, when Andi wanted to keep talking to him, we saw him get upset, with JPG claiming Andi put words in his mouth. However, in Andi’s defense, somebody should be putting words in that guy's mouth...

And now we’ll have to see whether Juan Pablo’s difficulty in comprehending how other people see things will impact his potential future with the final lady. Let’s hope Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell enjoy hearing the word “OK” a lot when they’re trying to work out their issues for the rest of their (few) months together...

Source: TV Guide