Chris Harrison Says Juan Pablo Confirmed and “Didn’t Deliver” ATFR Surprise
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Chris Harrison Says Juan Pablo Confirmed and “Didn’t Deliver” ATFR Surprise

We kept waiting — and waiting for a big surprise from Juan Pablo Galavis on Monday’s “After the Final Rose” special. After all, Chris Harrison mentioned at the top of the show that Juan Pablo would be “surprising” us all post-finale, but as it turned out, the only surprise was that we were all duped by promises for goods not delivered. Then again, we shouldn’t be too shocked that something on this show turned out to be just hype, considering this is the program that uses the words “most dramatic (enter anything you want here) ever” on the regs. So was the surprise ever actually going to happen?

Juan Pablo created some confusion for the audience well, beyond his regular amount of confusion when he claimed on the ATFR that he never gave anyone reason to expect a surprise, blaming it all on the network. However, Chris Harrison now tells TV Guide that Juan Pablo had assured the network on the day of the ATFR that the surprise was indeed happening.

“He [recently] told a network executive, ‘Don't worry. After the final rose, I've got a big surprise for you,’" Chris says. “Then [on Monday], he texted somebody and, again, said he had a big surprise. And he didn't deliver it.” Chris adds snarkily that the denial was “in true Juan Pablo fashion.”

Weird, right? The surprise-that-never-was has got to go down as one of the most perplexing moments we’ve ever experienced on this series. So, was JPG just telling the network what they wanted to hear when he promised the surprise? Or was something lost in translation? Perhaps he had been planning to propose earlier that day and then backed out. Strangely, although he really never seemed anywhere close to getting down on one knee during the show itself, jeweler Neil Lane remarked recently that Juan Pabs was all about it when they met up in St. Lucia. Perhaps the finale was just a fun surprise for him, too...

Or, maybe the actual surprise for the audience was that ABC ever thought Juan Pablo would be a good Bachelor in the first place. (Yep, we went there.) In that case, surprise!

Do you think Juan Pablo was ever planning a surprise, or was he just messing with Chris Harrison and the network as revenge for his edit?

Source: TV Guide