The Bachelorette

If Juan Pablo Galavis Wasn’t Your Bag, Here’s Why Andi Dorman Is (VIDEO)

We all get it: after a season watching Juan Pablo Galavis “look for love,” it’s hard to imagine that roses will ever have the same sweet smell they once did. But Chris Harrison understands where you’re coming from, because he had to witness Season 18 of The Bachelor firsthand. Now he’s coming forth with a little real talk in support of Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

Bachelor blogger Ashley Elgin chimed in on a Huffington Post Live segment, which put Chris Harrison in the hot seat, and asked the question on everyone’s minds: why should we come back for more? Although, to be fair, she framed it a little nicer: “For the people who were burned out on Juan Pablo’s season, what is your elevator pitch about Andi?” she asks the host.

Chris starts off by saying that Andi reminds him of Sean Lowe, which would totally leave us scratching our heads, except we kind of get it. On The Bachelorette Season 8, Sean was kind of the aw-shucks guy who yelled things about love, played jokes on Emily Maynard, and hung with the guys. As the Bachelor 17, he showed a lot of different sides of himself, which is probably what Chris is talking about.

“I feel like … you saw this tough, assistant district attorney who really handled her own business on Juan Pablo’s season, and I think we all really admired that,” Chris explains of her draw. “But what you’re going to see is — what I’ve fallen in love with — is this much softer, vulnerable woman, who has the same defense mechanisms I think a lot of women have, and she’s scared, but she’s really opened herself up to go through this.”

What else can we look forward to? A whole lot of Andi telling guys how it is. Check out the interview and then weigh in below with what you’re looking forward to seeing when Andi takes the reins — and roses — on May 19.

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