Chris Harrison: Michelle and Graham Are One of My Favorite Couples
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison: Michelle and Graham Are One of My Favorite Couples

AshLee Frazier may have decided Graham Bunn is her forever man on Bachelor in Paradise, but there’s already a woman who will always have a claim on his heart: Michelle Money. The two met and fell in love on Bachelor Pad 2, and though their romantic relationship didn’t go the distance — he lives in NYC and she lives in Salt Lake City — they still maintain an incredibly strong bond of friendship. So strong, in fact, that Chris Harrison counts it in his top 10.

In his Entertainment Weekly blog, our favorite cupid writes that MoneyBunns are “one of my favorite couples in Bachelor history...I know that Graham and Michelle may not count as a ‘couple’ since they are not romantically involved (anymore), but they are such great friends that it’s fun to watch their dynamic and undying support of each other.”

For a guy who’s seen countless couples come and go over the years, being dubbed one of his favorites is high praise indeed. Chris goes on to diss Graham’s relationship with Ash a bit, touching on the moment when Graham got sick during the Episode 4 Rose Ceremony: “Did you notice who went chasing after him to care for him? It wasn’t the woman with whom he is supposedly in a relationship with, it was his good friend and confidant, Michelle Money. Very telling stuff.”

Sounds like Chris is rooting for a MoneyBunns reunion! (We may secretly be rooting for that too, though she’s pretty cute with Cody Sattler.) Want to see the full extent of Michelle’s love affair with Graham? You can check out their relationship timeline here.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly