Chris Harrison: Expecting to Find a Wife on The Bachelor “Not Realistic”
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Chris Harrison: Expecting to Find a Wife on The Bachelor “Not Realistic”

Can you give us a minute? We’re starting to doubt everything we’ve ever learned about life, dating, and this crazy thing called love, and it’s all Chris Harrison’s fault (just like most things. JK forever). So, what has caused this quarter-life crisis? Basically, we’re just finding out that Chris might be the last person on earth to learn the true meaning of The Bachelor.

In an interview with reporters (via Reality TV World) on February 19, Chris admitted that he’s not expecting the leads to be there for the rightest of right reasons — namely, finding a wife. We’ll give you a moment to say your goodbyes to your hold on reality.

One reporter asked him about how current Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis has handled the structured, serious dating that happens on the show, compared to the club scene he was pulling talent from before. Chris’s response? “I think he has a tough time letting go and really opening up and giving himself to this process.” Fair, he has seemed really confused (understatement) and often changes the rules mid-game. But Chris took it even further, explaining that the show’s future success isn’t really a wedding-or-not sorta thing.

“It doesn't mean you're going to go on the show and say, ‘I'm finding a wife.’ … Because that's not real. That's not realistic.” Aca-scuse us? SAYS WHO, CHRIS?! SAYS WHO?!!!!

To be fair, he’s also saying that the success stories come from leads who have really “let go” and said "I am honestly open to this and I am going to give myself up to what you guys do because this works." So, does that mean Chris thinks Juan Pablo wasn’t giving this love sausage a fair shake? Yeah, actually.

“I think Juan Pablo has had a really tough time with that. And I don't know exactly what that is, if it's a cultural difference, if there is a language barrier — and I know a little bit has been made of that — but there really was a language and cultural barrier because he didn't know the show as well as people who have been watching it for 10 or 12 years, who just kind of slide into that role.”

Um, OK. Here’s the take home message: Only true-blue fanboys will do well as the Bachelor. Good to know — now excuse us while we go chain our brothers down in front of our full catalog of past seasons…

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Source: Reality TV World

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