Chris Harrison Gives Behind the Scenes Details on Michelle Kujawa BiP Drama
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison Gives Behind the Scenes Details on Michelle Kujawa BiP Drama

Michelle Kujawa may have excused herself from the party during her first week in paradise, but according to Chris Harrison, we haven’t seen the last of her: The gal’s awkward lack of interest in anyone in the house will play out during Episode 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

In case you missed the premiere and are wondering what we’re talking about, Michelle K. didn’t make the best impression on her fellow cast members. When host Chris made a throwaway comment about hoping all of the newly assembled housemates were single, Michelle stopped the lighthearted convo in its tracks by hinting she may not be unattached.

“Everyone’s single, right?” Chris joked. “Maybe,” Michelle responded. It was so awkward Graham Bunn took the opportunity to move to the other side of the couch to get away from her.

Chris blogged about the incident on his Entertainment Weekly blog, writing “She was awkward, and it was an odd way to start the new show, but I let it slide.” He assumed she was just failing at being funny. “But then Michelle K. was completely checked out the entire first week. She had nothing to do with any of the guys and made no attempt to start a relationship or get a rose.”

The weirdness continued when Michelle excused herself just as the Rose Ceremony was about to start. “In her final interview, she made what she probably thought was a cute sly comment about the fact that maybe she’s already found love in Paradise,” Chris detailed. “At this point things started to add up and they didn’t add up in her favor! Next week you’ll see and hear much more about Michelle K. She’s off the show, but her time here in Paradise is far from over.”

Since there’s no one but the cast in sight — except for the crew and maybe some cabana boys — who could Michelle have “maybe found love with” in Tulum? If you want next week’s surprise spoiled, you can check out the answer to Michelle’s mystery here!

What did you think of Michelle’s behavior in Paradise? Weird, or totally understandable if no one peaked her interest? Tell us in the comments.

Source: EW