Chris Harrison: Bachelorette 2014’s Nick Viall “Isn’t Going Anywhere” — Why?
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Chris Harrison: Bachelorette 2014’s Nick Viall “Isn’t Going Anywhere” — Why?

As much as we love our Magic 8 Ball — how did people ever make major life decisions before horoscopes and black plastic balls o’ goo? — Chris Harrison is our go-to oracle for all things Bachelorette. And this week Zoltar is telling us one of Andi’s men is going to be a mainstay on our screens for the foreseeable future. So who can we expect to see more of?

In an interview with TV Guide, the host reveals Nick Viall, the Chicago salesman and First Impression Rose getter will be providing us with polka dot fashion for much of the season. During Week 2, Sir Nick didn’t get a group or one-on-one date with Andi, so it seemed possible the beauty may have forgotten the guy who caught her eye Week 1. Not so, says Chris. And part of why Nick V will continue to get roses is because he makes sure he stays on Andi’s radar no matter what. (The italics kind of makes it creepy, huh?)

Since he didn’t get a date, the Chi-town charmer made his own date card for Andi, showing initiative and his cutesy side and scoring some much needed one-on-one time with the in demand lady. Chris says, “it was a smart play. He’s not going anywhere, but he doesn’t know that. You’re never really sure how you stand.” It was a smart play for Nick, but it appears there’s a fine line between adorbs and cheesy. Remember Week 1, when promptly eliminated contestant Rudie also made Andi a homemade somethin’ somethin’? Yeah, that didn’t pan out.

The host went on to say, “there were a lot of guys really pulling out all the stops, I think they quickly have surmised she’s a catch and worthy of battling for.” Ooooooh, does that mean there’ll be a joust later? We can only hope (and also shake whilst holding ourselves and remembering Emily Maynard’s traumatic Croatia date).

What did you think of Nick’s homemade date card? Cute or cheesy-desperate? Tell us in the comments.

Source: TV Guide