Chris Harrison on Nick Viall Approaching Andi — He “Really Wanted Closure”
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Chris Harrison on Nick Viall Approaching Andi — He “Really Wanted Closure”

We’re betting that if producers had allowed Andi Dorfman to break up with Nick Viall on the Season Finale of The Bachelorette by spelling out “buh-bye” in rose petals, she would have jumped at the chance. Girlfriend did not enjoy her “there’s the door” convo with Nicky V — or any interaction with him that followed.

It was clear Nick was blindsided by Andi’s decision, which never makes a break up easy, and his reaction to being dumped hasn’t exactly been popular. But Chris Harrison, that voice of reason, is here to tell us all to give the guy a break. In an interview with EW, Chris says “Many of us have been in his shoes and it sucks. The only difference is many times in other relationships you get some sort of closure or answers, but Nick understandably didn’t feel satisfied with his.”

For reals, ya’ll — he wakes up thinking he’s proposing and winds up on a long flight back to a studio apartment with a window plant in serious need of watering.

Though we’re not condoning McSalty’s behavior, we should try to put ourselves in his slip-ons. He wanted answers from Andi, nothing more, but the Hotlantan refused to see him until they were reunited on national television. According to Chris, when Nick tried to contact Andi after the show she “didn’t think it was the appropriate time.”

Then, when he showed up at the Men Tell All Special, Andi “wasn’t too pleased” and “wasn’t ready to face him.” We’re pretty sure he didn’t want to ask her about “making love” in front of millions, but that’s kind of the forum she left him with. And, the longer she put the moment off, the more time he had to stew on it.

So what about that super awkward encounter at After the Final Rose? Chris goes on to say, “When Nick walked onto the stage, I’ve never seen him like that. He was nervous, scared, hurt, and shaking like a that moment he just didn’t know what to do or say. And that really is the thing with a bad break up isn’t it? There really isn’t anything at that point to do or say that’s going to make anything easier or better.” #Troof. Not even embarrassing your ex on national television can heal a broken heart...

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Source: EW