Chris Harrison REALLY Wants You to Date Chris Bukowski. Yes, You.
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison REALLY Wants You to Date Chris Bukowski. Yes, You.

Words cannot describe our excitement for Bachelor/ette host Chris Harrison's new dating app, At First Sight. Not only do we plan on meeting the man of our dreams thanks to everyone's favorite cupid, we fully expect this app to be just as popular as Chris' other glorious business ventures, especially because it's already attracting a slew of stars. By which we mean Bachelor Pad 3 bad boy, Chris Bukow-chicka-wow-ski and his smouldering self.

Chris is still single and ready to mingle (probably because he's in an intimate relationship with his new eatery, The Bracket Room), but it looks like boyfriend wants to get back on the market. With the helping hand of his personal pimp Chris Harrison, of course!

"About to make my first profile video on your dating app #AtFirstSight!" Chris tweeted to his namesake on July 15. "Here goes nothing..."

Chris Harrison's response? "Like to welcome @chrisjbukowski to my new dating app #AtFirstSight Check out his video profile & contact him!"

We get it, Harrison. You're pimping out Bukowski like the smokin' hot slice of man meat that he is. We get it, and we love it. Of course, there's no way this dude will stay single for more than a few hours now that he has Mr. Harrison's matchmaker skills at his beck and call, but the question? Which of us fangirls will get to Chris first?

Time to record a not-at-all creepy video profile in which we definitely won't be wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Chris' face on it while showering ourselves in rose petals. Or will we?

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