Chris Harrison on The Bachelor Premiere: Sharleen Joynt Almost Went Home!
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison on The Bachelor Premiere: Sharleen Joynt Almost Went Home!

There’s nobody who knows roses — or bachelors — more than The Bachelor’s Master of Roses Chris Harrison. So we were definitely interested to hear his take on the First Impression Rose weirdness between Juan Pablo Galavis and opera singer Sharleen Joynt in the January 7 premiere. Thankfully, Chris shared his thoughts in his Bachelor blog, and the entire situation turns out to be even more awkward than we thought.

If you happened to see the season opener, you may be wondering what Juan Pablo was thinking when he bestowed that most coveted bloom upon a very uncomfortable-looking Sharleen. If you didn’t watch... let’s just say it was pretty obvious this girl wasn’t feeling it with the handsome soccer player. (We’re not really sure what’s up with that, by the way. Don’t they do psych evals on the contestants before they appeared on the show?)

According to Chris, it was by no means a case of shyness on Sharleen’s part. In fact, the handsome host reveals, “She came very close to declining the rose and going home on night one.” Yikes, really? We guess we finally found the one woman immune to Juan Pablo’s Venezuelan charm.

All hope may not be lost, but our man Chris seems trepidatious. “I think she made a wise choice to get to know him better and really see if there’s something there, but this is something that we’ll keep an eye on as we go.” Us too. Poor, Juan Pablo. Sadly, there isn’t a second chance to give a First Impression Rose.

Source: Entertainment Weekly