Chris Harrison on Renee Oteri: Is Juan Pablo Being a Gentleman or Being Unfair?
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Chris Harrison on Renee Oteri: Is Juan Pablo Being a Gentleman or Being Unfair?

All the Vietnam drama with Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and swim partner Clare Crawley overshadowed one of our biggest questions of the season, and of the February 3 episode: What’s up with how JPG treats Renee Oteri vs. every other woman in the house, including fellow mom Cassandra Ferguson? Is he being more or less respectful of her feelings by not kissing her straightaway?

In his Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris Harrison questions JPG’s handling of Renee’s first one-on-one date — which did not end in a kiss, even though Renee was dying for one. She could’ve made a move herself, but she was hoping he’d go for the same lip-lock he’s shared with every other on-on-Juan partner and several group date girls.

“He didn't kiss her and continued to say it was because of her son Ben,” Chris wrote. “But then he would proceed to grab other girls like Clare [Crawley] or Sharleen [Joynt] and make out with them like nobody’s business. Was this a good gentlemanly move, or should he let Renee decide what’s best for her? Should single moms be treated differently in the dating world or should they decide how they want to be treated?”

Even if he just had a special rule for the moms, he didn’t give Cassandra the same treatment, so what was it about Renee that was different? Is he just not as into Renee or is he even more into her as a potential stepmom, and thus trying to be more respectful of her boundaries? Maybe he has her in the mom zone in his mind, whereas the other women — including Cassandra — are more in the libido zone.

But why is it different for Juan Pablo himself as a single dad? Yeah, he’s the Bachelor and part of his job is to kiss women, but he keeps talking about wanting to be a good example for his daughter Camila, and then changing the rules every week.

Juan Papa did finally kiss Renee later in the episode at the cocktail party, and it was a sweet moment that she loved and felt was perfect. But as Chris noted, she didn’t get her kiss “until she convinced JP that she wants to be treated just like the other women.” Should Renee have had to fight that hard to be seen as a potential romantic partner instead of just a “mom”? Hot single mamas want lovin’ too!

Do you think Juan Pablo should treat Renee like any other woman, or do you like that he sets her apart with special mom treatment?

Source: Entertainment Weekly