See Chris Harrison Tell the BiP Cast About Michelle Kujawa’s Affair!
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Bachelor in Paradise

See Chris Harrison Tell the BiP Cast About Michelle Kujawa’s Affair!

Chris Harrison and the producers of Bachelor in Paradise already did a pretty great job of detailing the Michelle Kujawa/sound guy romance that led her to voluntarily exit the show during the premiere — not only did they dedicate the first five minutes of the August 11 episode to the story, but they also included a hilariously cheesy reenactment. But nothing can top this video of Chris telling the cast members about the incident right after it happened… and their raw reactions to the news.

In the deleted scene, Chris somberly gathers the cast, leading them to think they’re either in trouble or that Chris is about to announce a new twist to the show’s format. Instead, trying to be as serious as possible, the host recounts the tale of the sound guy leaping 25 feet off a balcony to avoid detection in Michelle’s room, resulting in him breaking both his feet.

You can see him trying hard to keep a straight face as he tells the bizarre story, and you can also see the cast members trying to act horrified instead of laughing. Their hilarious interviews reveal their true thoughts.

All humor aside, what’s perhaps most interesting about this clip is the speech Chris gives after revealing the affair, in which he admonishes the cast that they need to make sure they’re in Paradise for “the right reasons.” Then he gives the assembled YOPO-ers one last chance to fess up to any skeletons in their closets:

“Does anybody here have a boyfriend or girlfriend or any other reason that you are other than to sincerely find love?” he asks.

The camera pans to Ben Scott, who remains silent, despite harboring a three-week-old romance back in Dallas. Poor form, Ben. Take your TMNT backpack and be gone!

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Source: ABC