Chris Harrison Reveals All-Time Most Memorable Bachelorette Moment
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Chris Harrison Reveals All-Time Most Memorable Bachelorette Moment

Chris Harrison recently took a quick break from his busy schedule of pruning rose bushes and hand-carving his own personal pimp cane to drop by Katie Couric's talk show, Katie, and the results were nothing short of fabulous! Talk about a dream team, right guys?

Turns out Chris had a great time hosting alongside America's favorite lady-next-door, and he even got a chance to be interviewed by Katie herself! So, what hard-hitting question did she ask him? Oh you know, just what his most memorable moment on The Bachelor/ette is, no big deal.

Chris Harrison Reveals All-Time Most Memorable Bachelorette Moment

Let's not forget that Chris has been hosting ABC's most popular franchise for over a decade (Snuggies hadn't even been invented when this show premiered — that's how old it is), and there are so many moments to pick from! Of course, you might think Chris would choose something like Sean Lowe's romantic proposal to Catherine Guidici, or that one time Emily Maynard flipped out and told Kalon McMahon to "Get the f— out," but nope. This guy's all-time favorite moment was when Trista and Ryan Sutter got hitched on national television.

"At the end of the show Katie asked me what my most memorable moment was and I mentioned Trista and Ryan’s wedding," Chris explained on Katie's show blog, adding "that was really a catalyst for what’s happened since."

If Chris is referring to a series of failed relationships that have crashed and burned like giant flaming roses, then yes. Trista and Ryan's wedding most certainly was a catalyst. But it was also one of the most romantic moments in Bachelorette history, and we're pretty sure Chris ugly-cried his way through the entire ceremony.

What is your most memorable moment from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Weigh in below!

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