Chris Harrison: Sharleen Joynt’s Conflicting Feelings “Come to a Head” in Miami
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Chris Harrison: Sharleen Joynt’s Conflicting Feelings “Come to a Head” in Miami

Episode 6 in New Zealand has been over for, like, five seconds, and already Chris Harrison is laying out his feels about it. Specifically, he had a lot to say when he talked to TV Guide about Juan Pablo Galavis and Sharleen Joynt.

In the land of Kiwis, Juan Sharlo definitely made it back to their most familiar meet-up spot: first base. The two didn’t even say a word before El Bachelor was all up in her money maker, kissing her like it was Act Three of one of her operas and all bets were off. It’s weird, and Herr Harrison is happy to say so.

I find their relationship so intriguing,” the host says in his weekly post-show interview. “In New Zealand, she didn't even say hello before he jumped on her and started making out with her. Even she was like, ‘What was that?’ It's like, ‘I don't know what to say to you, we have very little in common, so I'm going to just make out with you.’” Yep, pretty much exactly like that. Still, she got the group date rose, aka award for not making fun of the fact that they were hanging out in Hobbiton after hamstering down a hill in balls.

But later, viewers saw the 29-year-old Canadian-born, Germany-living, super accomplished singer break down in tears, confessing to the cameras that she thinks other ladies may be more suited for JPG than she is. And Chris is befuddled at best — and hints that it’s all about to get messy on the February 17 episode in Miami.

“After [this week's] rose ceremony, I started looking at the monitors and saw Sharleen crying and was like, 'What did I miss?'” Right??? We were there with you, buddy. But we get it, considering she’s never been as about Juan Pabs as he is about her. Hesitant from the get-go, she seems like she’s lingering on the edge, and even mentioned that if she doesn’t feel it this coming week, she’s outie.

The host with the most concludes that things are certainly going to boil in the Miami sun. “It's been hard to put a finger on her the entire time and I don't know what it is, but it'll come to a head and continue in Miami.”

We look forward to it.

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Source: TV Guide

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