Chris Harrison Says Sharleen Leaving Changed Everything — Would She Have Won?
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Says Sharleen Leaving Changed Everything — Would She Have Won?

We’ll never know if Sharleen Joynt’s relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis would have become more harmonious (singing pun!) had they visited her hometown. Instead, she packed up her Viking helmets (all opera singers have an extensive collection of Viking helmets, right?) and left. However, Chris Harrison thinks her departure will dramatically impact the rest of the season.

In speaking to the media, Chris says that Sharleen’s departure caused quite a change in Juan Pablo’s mindset. “It does rock the foundation of everything he has right now,” Chris says of Sharleen leaving. “Essentially, he was dumped, and he got broken up with. And that hurts your ego, and it hurts your confidence.”

Frankly, Juan Pablo seems to be one the most confident Bachelors we’ve seen in quite some time, so it’s hard to imagine him becoming timid. But given that Juan Pablo has already gotten criticized for not being vulnerable enough to fall in love, we’d hate to see the guy put up even more walls. Pretty soon, he’d be more impenetrable than Alcatraz.

And just how far would Sharleen have gotten on the show if she didn’t take herself out of the running? “She would’ve gone to [at least] the hometown dates,” Chris says. “She was easily atop the list, and she was always a top – you know, his favorite – from the night she got out of the limo. So it’s interesting what would’ve happened and how fate and things would’ve changed.”

In other words, the remaining four ladies should feel pretty darn glad that Sharleen wasn’t feeling it with Juan Pabs. Or maybe we could have seen the first ever instance of a Bachelor handing over his final rose, and the recipient choosing to not accept? Long story short, it’s best that Sharleen left when she did, as long as he can bounce back in time to finish strong with the final four.

How far do you think Sharleen would have gotten if she hadn’t decided to leave? Do you think that if she had stayed, she would’ve been able to put down her own walls?

Source: ABC Medianet