Chris Harrison Slams Ben Scott For His “Arrogant and Defiant” Behavior
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison Slams Ben Scott For His “Arrogant and Defiant” Behavior

If we were heading to Bachelor in Paradise, we have a fairly decent idea of what we’d pack: toothpaste, hand sanitizer, water tablets, and lots of Pepto. What wouldn’t be on that list? A love letter from our girlfriend who is waiting for us back at home. Why the heck not, you ask? Guess we’re just old fashioned that way.

So who packed the non-essential item of a schmoopy note from a loved one? Ben Scott, from Desiree Hartsock’s season, who did pretty much nothing on the show except YOPO (you only Paradise once, y’all). When Marcus Grodd and Marquel Martin confronted Ben about being “disrespectful of everyone else’s time” by being there, the Benster said he didn’t really see it that way, which didn’t sit well with his castmates.

So what did our favorite host Chris Harrison think of Ben’s love back home? In his Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris slams Ben, writing “I think the only thing that made what Ben attempted to pull off worse was how cavalier he was about the whole thing. He was so amazingly arrogant and defiant through it all that it really rubbed everybody the wrong way.”

Chris’s best quote, however, came when he addressed the issue with the cast on the show, not his blog. Chris said “Does it really remind you of why dating sucks so bad in the first place?” Yup, Chris, you said it buddy — that's why we have cats. That's not weird, right?

Thankfully, Ben took the hint that the love note was a no-no, and he hightailed it back to his gorgeous girlfriend back home. Sort of backing up Chris's assertion, Ben ended his exit interview by striding out pretty defiantly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack in tow. Then, during last night's show he tweeted a photo of his model girlfriend with the caption "I'm so incredibly lucky to spend my days with the woman I love." Guess he told us!

Do you agree with Chris that Ben’s move was “arrogant?” Tell us in the comments.

Source: EW